Ms. Tracy is the manager of Kiddie College preschool. Her education includes licensing, managing, and operating preschools. She can be found showering the children with love, cooking their nutritious and delicious lunches, or planning exciting daily activities.  She wants each of the children to feel like part of her family and know that Kiddie College is a safe place. She even throws each child a birthday party to make each child feel special!


Ms. Jill is our  center director. She comes with over 22 years experience caring for children, with 9 of those years specifically in the preschool field from Elaine Rosi Academy, The Goddard School, and Kinder care. She has experience in creative curriculum, training of teachers, and classroom management.  Her favorite part of teaching is watching when children get that “ah-ha” moment on a developmental goal they have been working towards.  Her favorite children’s book is I Love You Stinky Face.


Ms. Luzccianna is our morning assistant infant teacher. She was born and raised in Columbia and loves to teach our children her native language of Spanish.  She has 10 brothers and sisters and loves being around the children! She is a ballroom dancer who owned and operated Fred Astair dance studio in Des Peres. She currently teaches ballroom dance at Casa Loma Ballroom.


Ms. Melissa is our assistant toddler teacher.  She graduated from Northwest High school in 2007. She has been working with us since May and loves teaching the children their shapes and numbers at circle time! She loves watching the children turn into little people as they learn new things. She has 4 children; an 8 year old, a 6 year old, and twin 1 year olds. Her favorite children’s book is Captain Underpants, which happens to be her 8 year old’s favorite book series.


Ms. Alexis is our two year olds teacher.  She has been teaching for 3 years. She has experience  with two year olds from working at kinder care and Montessori.  She loves getting hands on with the kids and helping them explore the world around them. Her favorite part of being a teacher is watching each child grow and learn while in her care.  Her favorite circle time book to read is Pete the Cat I love my white shoes.


Ms. Sandra is our Pre-K teacher. She comes to us from Rockwood School district, where she worked taking care of children for  30 years! She also worked with  Headstart for 5  years. Her favorite thing about being a teacher is being able to make a difference in a child’s life. She realizes through her many years of experience sometimes all it takes is one teacher to be there.   Her favorite book to read for the children is Cinderella.



















































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