Kiddie College is a suburban school with an accelerated curriculum based in an atmosphere filled with character, love and academic achievement.

As an early learning center we are dedicated to excellence and learning. We implement themed lesson plans that encourage socialization and interactive learning.
Kiddie College’s accelerated Education based curriculum prepares our students for success in Kindergarten and beyond. We foster a love of learning in Kiddie College that we hope will take root in children and will grow with them throughout their lives. Today they are growing, learning and making new experiences at Kiddie College preparing them for the learning and experiences they will encounter in the future in a university!
The world is expecting children to know more skills earlier in life. That is why we promote our students to do their best in an individualized manner. We implement current curriculum that is relevant to today’s child. Our learning techniques are exciting, as well as educational. Our character is abundant. The mix of education with a relaxed, nurturing, and stimulating atmosphere means that children enjoy school. It is said that teachers today prepare students for jobs and careers that will help them succeed in their future. Confident and adept learners come from Kiddie College.
Love, both of self and others, is an integral aspect of Kiddie College. Children
learn best when they feel supported, accepted, and loved. We continue to work to broaden our understanding of individualized education in terms of curriculum and daily interactions. We create classroom communities that inspire a sense of belonging, ownership and collaboration. Our teachers are committed to their students, while providing the best quality education and child care possible. We promote academic achievement and values.



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